47. Lear, Tereze. (2010). Why Are We Doing Art: The Impact of Sustained, Standards Based Art Instruction for Incarcerated Youth. Unpublished master’s thesis, California State University, Sacramento.

Author Affiliations: California State University, Sacramento
Artforms: Visual arts
Program: Master’s thesis
Program Description: Teacher action research project for Masters of Art in Education
Program (Study) Location: Three maximum-security juvenile housing units
Study Published: Unpublished.
Participant Type: Incarcerated juvenile male offenders
Sample Size: 105
Data Type: Quantitative, Qualitative: Pre- and post-test reading scores, control group, two housing units had sustained standards based visual art, one did not and served as the control group.
Evaluation Focus: Impact of standards-based, sustained visual art instruction on reading achievement in incarcerated youth

Summary of Impact: Participants in the sustained, standards-based visual art course showed an average 11 months more growth comprehension than the control group (21 months versus 9 months, respectively).

KEYWORDS: art instruction, juvenile, reading comprehension, visual arts, youth

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