46. Lazzari, M.M., Amundson, K.A., & Jackson, R.L. (2005). “We Are More Than Jailbirds”: An Arts Program for Incarcerated Young Women. Affilia: Journal of Women & Social Work, 20(Summer), 169-185.

Author Affiliations: Tacoma Social Work Program, University of Washington Artforms: Painting, poetry, sculpture, writing
Program: NA
Program Description: Arts workshops culminating in works produced for museum display
Program (Study) Location: Juvenile detention center, Western United States Study Published: 2005
Participant Type: Juvenile female offenders aged 11-17
Sample Size: 31
Data Type: Qualitative: Semi-structured interviews with youth participants and in-depth interview with teaching artist
Evaluation Focus: Social skills, violent behavior, self-identity

Summary of Impact: Improved relationship of participants to the artist, to other participants, their artwork, their families and communities, and themselves; increased empathy, caring, sense of community; shared responsibility; greater sense of self; reduced violent behavior

KEYWORDS: behavior, caring, community, empathy, juvenile, painting, poetry, relationships, sculpture, self-esteem, self-identity, social skills, violence, writing, youth

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