48. Little, Stephanie A. (2013). The Effects of an Arts Intervention on Recidivism. Abstract presented at Society for Research on Child Development Biennial Meeting, Seattle, Washington.

Author Affiliations: Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio
Artforms: performing arts, visual arts
Program: Project Jericho
Program Description: “Project Jericho provides in-depth performing and visual arts camps and workshops with a goal to make art and cultural experiences available to all youth and families in [the] community.”
Program (Study) Location: Clark County Juvenile Detention Center, Springfield, Ohio
Participant Type: Incarcerated adolescents
Sample Size: 457, 254 in art therapy group and 203 in control group. Intervention group: 74% male, 57% Caucasian, mean age 16.96; in control group: 66% male and 62% Caucasian, mean age 16.59.
Study Presented: 2013
Data Type: Quantitative Evaluation Focus: Recidivism rates

Summary of Impact: Recidivism rates for youth offenders participating in Project Jericho were lower than offenders who did not participate in the program. The effect was larger in males than females. The difference in recidivism rates were not statistically significant but it is important to note that youth referred to Project Jericho had a history of more stays in detention.

KEYWORDS: art therapy, juvenile, performing arts, recidivism, visual arts, youth

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