60. Warner, Susan (1999). Arts Programs for Incarcerated Youth: A National and International Comparative Study. (Unpublished master’s thesis). Antioch University, Seattle, WA.

Author Affiliations: Experimental Gallery, Seattle
Artforms: Collage, drama, photography, poetry, video
Program: Experimental Gallery is a partnership between the Children’s Museum Seattle and the Department of Social and Health Services, Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration
Program Description: Arts programs for adjudicated youth.
Project (Study) Location: While the program operates in six locations in Washington State, the evaluation focused on three: Echo Glen Children’s Center, Maple Lane and Green Hill juvenile facilities
Study Published: 1999
Participant Type: Juvenile female offenders (Echo Glen) and juvenile male offenders (Maple Lane, Green Hill
Sample Size: unspecified number
Data Type: Qualitative: Observations, interviews, assessment forms from participants and visiting artists
Evaluation Focus: Research question: How do arts based, community programs educate and benefit incarcerated juvenile offenders?

Summary of Impact:
●  Improved behavior within confining institution.
●  Increased feelings of self-awareness or self-esteem.
●  Improved vocational skills.

KEYWORDS: behavior, collage, drama, Experimental Gallery, juvenile, photography, poetry, self-awareness, self-esteem, video, vocational skills, youth

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