25. Jarjoura, R. G., & Krumholz, S. T. (1998). Combining Bibliotherapy and Positive Role Modeling as an Alternative to Incarceration. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 28 (1/2), 127-139.

Author Affiliations: Indiana University (Jarjoura); University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth (Krumholz)
Artforms: Bibliotherapy, literature
Program: Changing Lives Through Literature (CLTL), University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
Program Description: CLTL provides an alternative to incarceration for repeat, high-risk offenders and “seeks to build self-esteem by enhancing participants’ communication skills, sharpening their analytical skills and providing them with a forum for discussing personal concerns without having to recount personal experiences. Participants selected by the court receive intensive probation, pre-employment/job placement services and meet every other week on a university campus to discuss contemporary literature. The readings and the discussions mirror themes the participants may be dealing with in their own lives, such as violence, masculinity and individual identity. At the conclusion of the bibliotherapeutic portion of the program, local businessmen meet with participants to share their own life experiences and stories of success.
Program (Study) Location: Southeastern Massachusetts
Study Published: 1998
Participant Type: Male adult high-risk probationers
Sample Size: 72 (32 participants, 40 control)
Data Type: Quantitative, Qualitative: Analysis of criminal records Evaluation Focus: Recidivism, individual growth, self-esteem

Summary of Impact:
●  Reconviction rate of 18.75% in study group compared with 45% in control group.
●  Participants self-reported that the program had a long-term positive impact on their lives.

KEYWORDS: adult, attitude, behavior, bibliotherapy, Changing Lives Through Literature , communication, individual growth, literature, reading, recidivism, reconviction, self-confidence, self-esteem, sense of accomplishment, tolerance

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