Hassett, R. (n.d.). Lynn-Lowell Statistics : 1992 through March 2002. Changing Lives Through Literature.

Hassett, R. (n.d.). Lynn-Lowell Statistics : 1992 through March 2002. Changing Lives Through Literature.

Author Affiliations: Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Lowell District Court, Massachusetts
Artforms: Bibliotherapy, literature
Program: Changing Lives Through Literature (CLTL), Lynn-Lowell Women’s Program
Program Description: The Lynn-Lowell program, established in 1992, was the first CLTL program for female offenders. Two programs are run per year. Groups meet every other week for 14 weeks (seven sessions) at Middlesex Community College in Lowell, Massachusetts.
Program (Study) Location: Lowell and Lynn, Massachusetts
Participant Type: Adult female probationers aged 19-48 years
Sample Size: 108
Study Published: Unpublished study, data collected 1992 through March 2002 Data Type: Quantitative
Evaluation Focus: Recidivism, criminal activity

Summary of Impact:
●  Reduced recidivism among CLTL participants: 40% of program graduates re-offended versus 48% of non-completers.
●  Types of crimes differed between graduates and non-graduates:
○  29.6% of new offenses committed by graduates were against people, versus 37.5% among non-graduates
○  25.9% of new crimes committed by graduates were property offenses, versus 43.75% among non-graduates.
○  62.9% of graduates violated alcohol/drug laws versus 62% of non-graduates.
○  44.4% of new crimes among graduates were misdemeanors vs 37.5% among non-graduates.

KEYWORDS: adult, bibliotherapy, Changing Lives Through Literature , criminal activity, literature, recidivism

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