7. Brewster, L. (2012). A Qualitative Study of the California Arts-in-Corrections Program. Santa Cruz, CA: William James Association.

Author Affiliations: University of San Francisco
Artforms: Ceramics, fine crafts, guitar-making, literary arts, media arts, music, painting, performing arts, printmaking, sculpting, visual arts, writin

Program: Arts in Corrections (AIC)
Program (Study) Location: Northern California
Program Description: AIC was one of the first prison arts program in the nation, operating from 1977-1981 under the auspices of the William James Association, and from 1981 to 2003 under the California Department of Corrections. Individual and group instruction were offered in the visual, performing, literary and media arts and fine craft disciplines in California correctional institutions. The California Department of Corrections resumed funding of the program in 2014.
Study Published: 2012
Participant Type: Adult male and female former inmates
Sample Size: 30 (28 male and 2 female)
Data Type: Qualitative: In-depth interviews
Evaluation Focus:  Impact of AIC on lives of inmates during and after incarceration

Summary of Impact: Inmates revealed that participation in the AIC program enhanced their self-esteem, work ethic, discipline, identity as artists and relationships with family. Three-quarters of those interviewed self-identified as artists.

KEYWORDS: adult, Arts in Corrections, ceramics, fine crafts, guitar-making, identity, literary arts, media arts, music, painting, performing arts, printmaking, purpose, rehabilitation, sculpting, self-esteem, visual arts, work ethic, writing

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