57. Simmons, Lisa. (2017).  The Relationship between Delinquency and Creative Writing for Detailed Adolescent Males. Auburn University, Auburn, AL.

Author Affiliations: Auburn University, Auburn, AL
Artforms: Creative writing, poetry, prose
Program: Writing Our Stories: An Anti-Violence Creative Writing Program (WOS)
Program Description: Writers teach poetry- and prose-writing skills to incarcerated youth in Alabama.
Program (Study) Location: Alabama
Study Published: Doctoral dissertation, 2017
Participant Type: Incarcerated juvenile offenders grades 8-12.
Sample Size: 461: 231 participating in WOS, 230 in control group
Data Type: Quantitative: Pre- and post-testing using oppositional and unruly subscales of the Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory (MACI) and the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence.
Evaluation Focus: Delinquency, intelligence, IQ

Summary of Impact: Statistically significant difference in pre- and post-treatment scores for WOS participants on the oppositional subscale of delinquency. No statistically significant scores from pre- and post-treatment on the unruly subscale of the MACI for either WOS participants or controls. No statistically significant difference in scores from pre- to post-detainment on the oppositional subscale in control group.

KEYWORDS: creative writing, delinquency, intelligence, IQ, juvenile, poetry, prose, writing, Writing Our Stories, youth

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