56. School Board of Palm Beach County Department of Alternative Education. (2001). Analysis of Student Self-Assessments of Their Social Talents and Art Skills Taken Before and After Attending the “Artists-in-Residence” Programs at the Detention and Corrections in Palm Beach County. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Programs. October 29, 2001.

Author Affiliations: NA
Artforms: dance, drama, music, visual arts
Program: Artists-in-Residence Alternative Arts Program
Program Description: Artists-in-Residence programs awarded to juvenile justice programs from VSA arts of Florida in partnership with the Florida Education Foundation.
Program (Study) Location: Roosevelt Full-Service Center, FIG, Palm Beach Youth Center, Palm Beach Half-Way House, all in Palm Beach County, Florida. Participant Type: incarcerated and adjudicated youth
Study Published: 2001
Data Type: pre- and post-self assessment questionnaires one for Social Talents and the other for Art Skills.
Evaluation Focus: participants’ social and artistic ability.

Summary of Impact:
●  Roosevelt Full-Service Center:
○  Substantial increase in social behavior
○  increase in art skills reported by most students
●  Florida Institute for Girls:
○ Overall decrease in both negative and positive responses, fear of authority figures decreased

KEYWORDS: attitudes, community, confidence, goal achievement, identity, juvenile, respect, self-esteem, stress, visual art, youth

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