50. Miner-Romanoff, Karen. (2014). Voices From Inside: Preliminary Results of a Transformational Justice Art Program for Incarcerated Youth. Internet Journal of Restorative Justice, October 2014.

Author Affiliations: Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio
Artforms: Visual art
Program: Voices From Inside
Program Description: Three exhibits of inmate art held in 2012, 2013 and 2014, partnership of Franklin University and Ohio Department of Youth Services
Program (Study) Location: Ohio
Participant Type: Incarcerated adolescents
Sample Size:
Study Published: 2014, ongoing study
Data Type: Qualitative and Quantitative including one-on-one interviews and the following surveys: Youth Exhibitor Survey and Interview Survey consisting of nine Likert-type questions and one narrative for juvenile offender artists; Community Attendee Survey with adaptations from life Effectiveness Questionnaire (LEQ) for community attendees.
Evaluation Focus: Changes in juvenile offender and community attitudes.

Summary of Impact:
●  2013 survey of youth participants found that 81% of youth participants cited as benefits cooperation with others, task completion and increased self-esteem.
●  2014 survey of youth participants found that 93% cited decreased stress along with increase in self-esteem, pride and recognition of the ability to reach a goal from completing, exhibiting and selling their art to benefit a charity for at-risk youth.
●  In different surveys 40%-53% of community attendees reported positive attitude changes toward juvenile offenders.
●  Qualitative responses were similarly positive.

KEYWORDS: attitudes, community, confidence, goal achievement, identity, juvenile, respect, self-esteem, stress, visual art, youth

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