40. Cleveland, W. (2001). An evaluation of the Jackson County Children’s Services Coalition CORE Arts Program 2001-2002. Minneapolis, MN: Center for the Study of Art & Community.

Author Affiliations: Center for the Study of Art & Community
Artforms: Ceramics, creative writing, music, visual arts
Program: Jackson County Children’s Services Coalition, CORE Arts Program Project (Study) Location: Detention center, public and private schools, community-based organization, religious institution, recreation center, arts organization, Jackson County, Mississippi
Project Description: CORE Arts provided ceramics, creative writing, music and visual arts programs to Mississippi youth.
Participant Type: Youth offenders, middle- and high-school students
Sample Size: 89 program participants and 22 staff members
Study Published: 2001
Data Type: Quantitative, Qualitative: Non-experimental consisting of Interviews/focus groups and survey/questionnaires with participants, administrators, teachers, counselors and correctional officers; daily student incident reports.
Evaluation Focus: Goals of participants and partners; extent to which goals had been achieved; which program characteristics advanced or inhibited achievement of goals

Summary of Impact:
●  15% improvement in participants’ grade averaged compared with pre-program performance.
●  Improvements in student behavior including cooperation and self-control.
●  58% reduction in behavior referrals compared to pre-program performance.
●  Student interest in other programs.
●  High student satisfaction with programs.
● Overall “positive impact” on students.

KEYWORDS: academic performance, behavior, ceramics, CORE Arts Program, creative writing, juvenile, music, violence, visual arts, youth

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