20. Gussak, D. (2009). The effects of art therapy on male, female inmates: advancing the research base. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 36(1), p. 5-12.

Author Affiliations: Florida State University
Artforms: Art therapy, drawing, visual arts
Program: NA
Program Description: Visual art therapy program
Program (Study) Location: Two medium to maximum security adult correctional facilities, one female and one male, Florida
Study Published: 2008
Participant Type: Adult male and female inmates, aged 20-51
Sample Size: Unspecified number of adult male and female inmates
Data Type: Quantitative, Qualitative: Control group pre-test/post-test assessments using Formal Elements Art Therapy Scale (FEATS), Beck Depression Inventory-Short Form (BDI-II) and Adult Nowicki Strickland Locus of Control Scale (ANS)
Evaluation Focus: The study evaluated changes in mood and locus of control among both male and female inmates.

Summary of Impact: Results from FEATS did not yield supportive data; results of BDI-II and ANS supported the hypothesis that art therapy was effective in reducing depression and improving locus of control in the adult male and female inmates.

KEYWORDS: adult, art therapy, depression, drawing, locus of control, mood, visual arts

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