18. Gussak, D. (2009). Comparing the effectiveness of art therapy in depression and locus of control of male and female inmates. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 36, 202-207.

Author Affiliations: The Florida State University
Artforms: Art therapy, drawing, visual arts
Program: NA
Program Description: Visual art therapy program
Program (Study) Location: Two medium- to maximum-security adult correctional facilities, Florida
Study Published: 2009
Participant Type: Male and female adult inmates, aged 20-51
Sample Size: 147 female, 72 male
Data Type: Qualitative, Quantitative: Control group pre and post-test design; psychological assessments using The Beck Inventory-Short form (BDI-II) and Adult Nowicki-Strickland Locus of Control Scale (ANS)
Evaluation Focus: The study evaluated changes in mood and locus of control among both male and female inmates who participated in the arts program. It also looked at differences in outcomes between male and female participants.

Summary of Impact: Both male and female participants showed improvements in mood and locus of control. The data indicated a trend towards greater improvement in mood and internal locus of control for female inmates as a result of the participation in the visual art therapy program (p. 202).

KEYWORDS: adult, art therapy, depression, drawing, locus of control, mood, visual arts

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