15. Cohen, Mary L. and Wilson, Catherine, M. (2017). Inside the fences: Pedagogical practices and purposes of songwriting in an adult male U.S. state prison. International Journal of Music Education, February 3, 2017, 1-13.

Author Affiliations: University of Iowa, Iowa City
Artforms: music, songwriting
Program: NA
Program Description: 35-week program comprised of two 13-week, 60-minute workshops and one nine-week 90-minute workshop
Program (Study) Location: Midwest U.S. male medium security state prison Participant Type: Adult males
Sample Size: 17
Study Published: 2017
Data Type: Qualitative: Grounded theory, analyzed four types of data: 42 sets of original lyrics, written reflections, transcriptions of four workshop sessions and narrative data from participants
Evaluation Focus: self-worth, purpose, social adjustment

Summary of Impact: “Our findings indicated that the collaborative and social nature of the songwriting workshops provided a supportive atmosphere where participants generated new songs for enjoyment and expression. Participants wrote bout struggles and hardships, especially relationship problems, and our data suggested that the discussions about song topics help them cope with their incarceration.”

KEYWORDS: adult, music, relationships, social, songwriting

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