10. Cleveland, W. (1992). Geese Theater: America’s National Prison Theater Company. in Cleveland, W. Art in Other Places: Artists at Work in America’s Community and Social Institutions. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, p. 51-73.

Author Affiliations: Center for the Study of Art & Community Artforms: Drama, drama therapy, theater
Program: Geese Theater
Project (Study) Location: Mount Pleasant Correctional Facility, Iowa
Project Description: Drama workshops in correctional settings
Participant Type: Adult male inmates Sample Size: unspecified
Study Published: 1992
Data Type: Quantitative
Evaluation Focus: The study evaluated relationship outcomes among inmates who participated in a month-long residency program called “Theater in a Month.” The original study, on which this articles is based, ( Outcomes for Inmate Participants in Drama Programs. Mount Pleasant, Iowa: Mount Pleasant Correctional Facility, Iowa Department of Corrections, 1982), was not available.

Summary of Impact: 70% of men who participated for the entire program showed “significant positive change in their relationship with peers and authority figures over a three month period” (p. 61).

KEYWORDS: adult, authority figures, drama, drama therapy, peers, relationships, social, theater

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