1. Arizona State University College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (2013). Calculating Impact: doing the numbers. Prison English News, 1(1), 2.

Author Affiliations: Arizona State University
Artforms: Creative writing, drama, literature, poetry
Program: Arizona State University Prison English Program
Program (Study) Location: Penitentiary of New Mexico, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Program Description: Arizona State University (ASU) offers two university-level English courses at the New Mexico state penitentiary. One-hundred-fifty inmates are linked with ASU undergraduates who provide critiques of inmate creative writing.
Study Published: Summer 2013
Participant Type: Maximum-security adult male inmates
Data Type: Quantitative
Evaluation Focus: Cost savings

Summary of Impact: Depending on number of interns and assuming average hourly teaching wages, the New Mexico Corrections Department receives program savings of $27,000-$40,500 per semester as a result of the Prison English Program.

KEYWORDS: adult, cost-savings, creative writing, drama, linguistics, literature, poetry, prison education, Prison English Program, university

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